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my_friend_jane's Journal

My Friends - the Jane Duncan LJ
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Fans of the writer Jane Duncan!
Welcome to the Jane Duncan fanfiction community! This is a community to discuss the novels of Jane Duncan - please join in!

This community is for posting discussion and fanfiction based on any of Jane Duncan’s (Janet Sandison’s) books, whether they are from her novels for adults, novels for children, or young children’s picture books. A list of the complete works of Jane Duncan/Janet Sandison is located on the front community page (left margin or ‘sidebar’ as it is called in LJ-land).

Community Maintainers' Contact Details:

inaforest: inaforest @ livejournal.com
fawatson: fawatson @ livejournal.com

Community Rules:

1. Be nice. Polite. Civil. Call it what you will, just be aware that rudeness or ‘flaming’ community members will not be tolerated. On the first offence you will be warned and the pertinent post deleted. Second offence, and you will be removed from the community and your username banned. Our members want this to be a pleasant place for both readers and writers interested in Jane Duncan’s books, so that means playing nice with everyone.

2. All pairings and characters are created equal, and are open for discussion.

3. All fanfic and fanart needs to be posted with headers that contain this information:
Character(s)/Pairing(s) (if applicable):
Rating: This is particularly important for stories that contain frank discussions about sexuality. You may use whatever rating system you prefer; a simple Adult (graphic sexuality) will be acceptable
Disclaimer: Please use a disclaimer. If you can’t think of one, this will do: I don’t own these characters and make no profit from them.
Warnings: Please warn for character death. Please warn for sexual content (if any). Violent non-con, rape, and torture are not within the community's guidelines. Feel free to email either of the community maintainers if you have any questions.
Author’s Notes: (if applicable)
Acknowledgements: (if applicable) For example: if your character quotes a poem, it is good practice to acknowledge this and list the poem’s author.

4. Please post the text of your fics/art within an LJ cut or with a link. We understand that from time to time people may forget to do this, but in that case, we will remind you.

5. We'll assume that posting a fic here implies your permission to include it in the community archives once they are set up. If you'd prefer otherwise, please add that to your disclaimer. Fics posted as links won't be archived unless we have your ok. Of course, we'd like to make them available to the readers, so please mention your preference when posting.

Appropriate Posts:

1. Book discussion, questions, opinions, and general squealing about what a wonderful author Jane Duncan was. Do you have a favourite passage from My Friends the Miss Boyds? Tell us about it!

2. Fanfic based upon Jane Duncan’s novels. Most genres are welcome, however please be aware of the Author's views about blatant sexual description in novels. We refer you to Jane Duncan’s own words, found in the sidebar of our mainpage. While we are aware social mores have changed, we ask you to be sensitive to the general character of these novels. Violent non-con, rape, and torture are definitely not within this community's posting guidelines. If you're unsure if your particular work conforms to the community's guidelines, please email the maintainers before posting.

3. Fan art. Are you talented in drawing or painting? Feel inspired to continue the Janet Reachfar series beyond the four picture books Jane Duncan wrote? We’d love to see them. Or have you drawn alternative book covers for some of the My Friends novels? Or a picture of Sir Ian or Sir Torquil? Please share. Do please use an LJ cut or a link if you prefer that method.

4. Icons or userpics. We welcome all Jane Duncan-related userpics.

5. Posts showing the different covers for Jane Duncan books. Hardcover or softcover – both are welcome.

6. Posts of links to Jane Duncan-related sites.

7. If you’ve written a story and feel shy about posting it without checking it out with another member first, then you need a beta-reader. A beta-reader undertakes to give you advice and supportive criticism but will not change your story. They just give feedback, either generally, or about a specific section you want help with. If you want this, please email one of the maintainers and we’ll sort something out.

8. Historical discussions/fanfic or art that lie within the boundaries of the books. This is a little bit of a grey area, we realise, and we want the focus of this community to be on the novels, but as Jane Duncan wrote very much within a certain historical period (contemporary to her but now a few years in the past), information/links that will help the members better understand the context of the novels is welcome. If you have any questions about whether something you’re considering posting is appropriate, feel free to contact the community maintainers.

Some examples of appropriate posts:

o What was it the Author really did in WWII?
o How did the Author’s real life morph into fiction?
o How many times did Jane Duncan use the ‘iron man’ image in her novels?
o I’m baffled by scene X in book X.
o Why do you think character X acted that way?
o I really liked book x or scene x because ...
o I’d really like someone to write a short story about... Is anyone interested?

Inappropriate Posts:

1. Character X is scum. Pairing X/Y makes no sense. The only pairing that makes any sense is X/Z. Character X is not nearly as important as character Y.


The feedback loop between author and reader is a lovely thing, so we hope that the authors will get lots of it and the readers will get lots of thank-yous. Since we know feedback can be problematic, here are a couple of guidelines:

1. No flaming of authors or readers. Flaming of authors is telling someone that they suck and there's no way anything like that could possibly have happened in a story because Jane Duncan herself didn’t mention it/disagree about it/it’s stupid. Flaming of readers is an author who, having received pleasant feedback, shoots back a nasty-gram (for example, "you're wasting my time," "I don't give a rat's ass what you think," "I really hate that character, just because I wrote about him shouldn't mean you think I like him"). Civil discussion between author and reader is a wonderful thing, and we're sure that's what we'll see here.

2. Constructive criticism is allowed as long as it is not a flame (to be determined by the maintainers). We would prefer that substantive constructive criticism not appear here unless the author has been asked first if they would like to receive it in the community. Minor corrections, such as spelling and timing problems, are fine since they're just technical.

Our Tagging Hierarchy:

The option to allow members to tag their own posts is enabled, and our tag list is visible in the sidebar of the main page. Please feel free to tag your posts, or to suggest the addition of new tags. We’ve tried to keep the tagging simple, and understand more tags may need to be developed as the community grows.


Many thanks to the Mary Renault community for their assistance in developing these groundrules. You have made a big difference and we are very grateful!


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