fawatson (fawatson) wrote in my_friend_jane,

Finally... Grannie!

Known as "Herself" and a "Witch" and a "Throne" as well as "Grannie", in the My Friends books Janet's grandmother is a force to be reckoned with. She wields enormous power in the district; she rules the Reachfar household and, along with Lady Lydia, decides what happens in the local district. She champions underdogs (remember her pronouncement that bad girls don't have babies, back when an unwed woman gets pregnant), but has no time for scoundrels (remember her disgust about Jock Skinner!). She can be ruled only by Janet's gentle mother. She appears hale and hearty but dies soon after her husband, the heart having gone out of her with his death. She is immortalised in the picture book Herself and Janet Reachfar.

Have you any other fond memories of Grannie?

In what ways do you think she was typical of farmers' wives of her generation?
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