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Another Book Discussion to Start!

My Friends the Miss Boyds has been chosen for the next book discussion.

We hope everyone will want to join in as this is one of the most popular of Jane Duncan's early novels, and the second book she published.

The book discussion will kick off on Sunday 1st February 2009 with a post from me on the first section.

When writing this book, Jane Duncan, once again eschewed conventional chapters and divided the book into just two parts. Clearly, like last time, our discussion won't keep strictly part-to-part. I'm sure talking about things in the early sections of the novel will lead to 'spoilers' about later bits. But once again, we'll try to progress in an orderly fashion ("Let's start at the beginning...").

We've divided the different parts into sections for discussion. Here is the planned timetable:

Part 1
discussion starts on 01 February 2009
from p. 3 starting "My Friend Monica..."
to p 47 ending "...I knew that my people had not the respect for the Miss Boyds that they granted to the fisher folk."

discussion starts on 08 February 2009
from p. 47 starting "My next visit to the MIss Boyds was on Friday..."
to p. 101 ending "There it was again, the complete vicious circle."

discussion starts on 15 February 2009
from p. 101 starting "Late in September on a bright harvest Sunday..."
to p. 163 ending "The trees were salvage from the wreck."

Part 2
discussion starts on 22 February 2009
from p. 167 starting "That winter of 1918 into 1919 was long..."
to p. 197 ending "The spoon was irrevocably Not Mine, seemingly."

discussion starts on 01 March 2009
from p. 197 starting "One way and another, that summer..."
to p. 258 ending "you need not be afraid of the song or of the thought of Miss Violet any more."

discussion starts on 08 March 2009
from page 258 starting "You will realise that that story that I have told you..."
to p. 283 ending "Janet's friends, the Miss Boyds!" (The End)

The page notations I've given above are for my own copy of the book (1959 hardcover edition, reprinted 1966). Those specific page references obviously won't work for everyone, especially those of you who are using paperback editions. However, I hope they help you to find the sections we are focusing on, even if the pages aren't exactly the same in your editions.

If any community member would like to lead off the discussion with the first post on the 'starting' day for any section please comment to let us know. Failing any offers, your moderators will give it a go.

Similar to last time, please don't feel you have to confine yourselves to the limits of discussing this book only. Additional posts about topics related to the book or the author, the community and times in which Jane Duncan (and Janet) lived, are always welcome at any time.
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