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Janet the WAAF

In the My Friend books, Janet, like the author, joins the WAAFs when war is declared. She was not alone. The WAAFs, which had originally been formed in WWI grew from 1734 strong at the beginning of WWII to 181,835 by 1943.

A history of the WAAFs can be found on the WAAF Association website: link here

Here are some pictures:

WAAF Recruiting Poster in WWII

WAAF Radar Plotters in WWII

The popular image of WAAFs places them either in radio control rooms or radar installations (as in the picture above). Jane Duncan (and Janet) also started her wartime experiences on an airbase, although soon thereafter moved to Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire (Station X). More on that later...


Jane Duncan
My Friends - the Jane Duncan LJ

Jane Duncan about herself and her writing (in Letters from Reachfar)

Question: "Why did you write seven novels before trying to get publication?"
Reply: “I did not think that any of them were fit for publication.”

"I think that a detailed description of any act of sex is doomed to failure from the start. A sexual act, to be meaningful to those engaged in it, must be private... In the act of attempting to describe it, the privacy is destroyed and with it the meaning, so why give words and paper to the meaningless?"

“Some of the letters I received made me feel that George’s pronouncement that I was the biggest liar in the country was true, for people began to send messages of goodwill to some of my characters who did not exist except in fiction but the very words ‘fiction’ and ‘novels’ had gone out the window.”

“It will be obvious from the fact that my first novel was not published until I was forty-nine years old that I am a slow developer.”


‘My Friends’ Series (written for Adults):

My Friends the Miss Boyds
My Friend Muriel
My Friend Monica
My Friend Annie
My Friend Sandy
My Friend Martha’s Aunt
My Friend Madame Zora
My Friend Rose
My Friend Cousin Emmie
My Friends the Mrs Millers
My Friends from Cairnton
My Friend My Father
My Friends the MacLeans
My Friends the Hungry Generation
My Friend the Swallow
My Friend Sashie
My Friends the Misses Kindness
My Friends George and Tom

‘Jean’ series(writing as Janet Sandison for Adults)

Jean in the Morning
Jean at Noon
Jean in the Twilight
Jean Towards Another Day

‘Camerons’ series (written for children)

Camerons Ahoy!
Camerons at the Castle
Camerons Calling
Camerons on the Hills
Camerons on the Train

‘Janet Reachfar’ series(picture books for very young children)

Herself and Janet Reachfar
Janet Reachfar and the Kelpie
Janet Reachfar and Chickabird
Brave Janet Reachfar


Letter from Reachfar

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